Israeli Hope at Academy

The President's new project: "Israeli Hope"

In the past decades, demographic and cultural changes are reshaping the Israeli society: It changed from a society constructed of a clear majority and minority to a society that is constructed of four central sectors or "tribes" that resemble in their size: secular; national-religious; orthodox; Arabs. in the lights of this reality, a transition is needed from the common perception of "majority and minority" to a new one that is based on partnership between the sectors that construct the Israeli society. The president, in coordination with the planning and budgeting committee of the Council for Higher Education have launched the project "Israeli Hope in the Academia", since the academia has an essential role in shaping the "new Israeli order". The project's aim is to base the campuses as spaces for creating shared Israelite society that enables maintaining the unique identity of each group, to express the talents and excellence of the Israeli society, to promote a united vision of partnership in the universities and colleges, to develop an Israeli intellectual, social and diverse leadership that is aware and attentive.

The Hebrew University is proud to be a leading partner in the Israeli Hope in the Academia. 

Steering Commitee


A Commitee for the Establishment of a Diversity Policy for the Hebrew University: 

The president of the university appointed a committee that includes academic staff, administrative staff and students, whose goal is to determine policy on diversity and difference at the Hebrew University. The committee will formulate the diversity vision of the university and propose procedures and rules designed to encourage human and contents diversity at the university.