The Center encourages and supports interdisciplinary research on multiculturalism and diversity. 

The center funds research related to multiculturalism by granting doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships. In addition, research groups are encouraged to write brief policy papers; these would be circulated among government officials, policy makers, etc.  The  Center  offers research  seminars  at  which  various researchers and relevant professionals present their work, and to which the University community is invited.


Current Research Examples:

Needs and challenges of minority students


A study on the topic of needs and challenges of minority students included focus group of Arab students, students of Ethiopian descent, ultra-Orthodox students and students from Middle Eastern descent. The objective of the research is to study in depth the needs and challenges of minority students.


A teacher studies his own work: A research group on bilingual-bi-ethnic education


Bilingual schools are a unique model of education in a multicultural, divided society. These schools serve both Jewish and Arab students. Each classroom has a Hebrew speaking and an Arabic speaking teacher, and class is held in both languages. The school itself provides part of its curriculum, in order to include both points of view, the Jewish and the Palestinian Arab. 

Teachers from the bilingual school in Jerusalem participate in a research group where they study various aspects of the bilingual / bi-ethnic education. The teachers chose topics that have bothered them in the course of their work. The research methods include observations, interviews and surveys. Each study will present a proposal for a solution or a change related to the topic of the study. Group facilitators: Dr. Inas Deeb, Pedagogical Director of the Bilingual Schools of the Hand In Hand Association, and Dr. Khansa Diab.