Our Projects


Multicultural History Curricula for High Schools

Can we teach multicultural history curricula in Israeli high schools? The multicultural clinic in cooperation with "The Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow" acts in order to make the Mizrahi history present in high school curricula and text books. Our team of education and philosophy students will conduct a survey of past and present curricula in order to propose an updated reform.


Cultural Accessibility of The Juvenille Probation Sevices


The Juvenile Probation Services are a crucial component of the justice system determining the rehabilitation horizon of accused and their ability to have an alternative to arrest. A political science student and a law student are conducting an interdisciplinary research on the adjustments necessary for this service in order to be suitable for the various communities it serves. 


Libel Lawsuits As a Vehicle to Fight Racis

The hidden aspects of racism make it difficult to legally fight it. In light of limited enforcement of the criminal offense of incitement to racism – it seems that the civil law might be an important tool to fight racism and discrimination. In particular libel lawsuits. Our law students will work on several such cases and will examine the limits and potential of using this vehicle.


Cultural Competency in The Public Space

Cultural competence becomes gathers prevalence in Israeli professional discourse. Broadly speaking, it aims to describe public policy that enables effective action in intra-cultural situations. Our students will examine ways to advance the multicultural competency of public institutions. 


The Multicultural Newsletter

Our students are designing and writing a newsletter that will summarize latest research and activities on issues of multiculturalism, discrimination and citizenship in Israel. The newsletter will be distributed digitally. 


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