Workshops on Multiculturalism

Research workshop: Comparative Aspects of Multiculturalism (2017)


This research workshop is conducted in cooperation with the Sternberg-Tamir Chair in Comparative Cultures held by Prof. Ronit Ricci. Participants are PhD and MA students who research a variety of aspects of multiculturalism. Each session hosts a researcher who presents his/her study that sheds light on issues of multiculturalism in different countries.


The workshop is credited two points



Academic Supervisor: Prof. Barak Medina Academic director of the Center for the Study of Multiculturalism and Diversity


Multiculturalism Workshop (2016)

Cultural diversity and minority rights pose major challenges in western democracies and in nation states. A range of disciplines have begun to introduce major theories in relation to these challenges that in turn became the subject of a vibrant discussion in in law, the social sciences, the humanities and even in the life sciences.

The purpose of this workshop is to expose the participants to the research on inter-disciplinary multiculturalism; to introduce the main challenges and dilemmas this approach raises in an effort to create a dialog between the participants and afford an opportunity in which the challenges of diversity and minority rights are considered and evaluated in the realm of an academic setting.

The workshop is credited two points and will be conducted in English.

Classes will be conducted during the spring semester on Mondays at 16:30- 18:00.

Academic Supervisor: Prof. Michael Karayanni Academic director of the Center for the Study of Multiculturalism and Diversity and Lea Shakdiel - an educator and social entrepreneur.