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Center for the Study of Multiculturalism and Diversity

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, 9190501

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Academic Courses on the Israeli Society

List of University Courses on Multiculturalism and the Israeli Society:

(Not all the courses are offered every year). 

Faculty of Humanities:

  1. Between Hebrew and Arabic- Literature, History, Culture, Language, Identity 
  2. Introduction to the Study of Folk Culture 
  3. Latin American Culture and Identity in the USA
  4. From Bach to The Beatles: Music in Western Culture 
  5. Music Analysis in Cultural- Historical Contexts 
  6. Education for Minority Group in a Multi-Cultural Society 
  7. Social Justice in a Multi-Cultural Society 
  8. Cross-Cultural Aspects of Counseling 
  9. Identity and Culture in Peace and Multi-Cultural Education
  10. Gender and Health 
  11. Multi-Cultural Psychology 
  12. Interactions between Demographic, Economic, Social and Cultural Processes 
  13. Culture and Stratification 
  14. Language and Culture
  15. Cultural Wars in Israel 
  16. Social Media and their Social, Cultural and Political Implications 
  17. Television: Social and Culture Issues 
  18. Changing Values in Israeli Culture and Society 
  19. Gender, Sexuality and Culture 
  20. Issues in Gender Studies: Text, Identity and Culture 
  21. Critical Theories of Culture 
  22. Encounters between Arabs and Jews as an Educational Challenge 
  23. Education for Minority Groups in a Multi-Cultural Society 
  24. "East" and "West" in the Israeli Society 
  25. Judaism in Israel: the Challenge 
  26. Bi-Nationalism in Israel\Palestine: Key Concepts 
  27. Israeli Society:Selected Issues 
  28. Civil Society Activities Promoting Coexistence in Israel 

Faculty of Social Studies:

  1. Society in Israel 
  2. Israel in a Comparative Perspective: The Politics of Immigration and Citizenship 
  3. Government of Israel
  4. Israel, Jerusalem and the West Bank: One Entity?
  5. Religion and State
  6. Between Citizenship, Democracy and Education
  7. The State of Israeli Democracy
  8. Gender and Nationalism
  9. Spatial Experiments in Israel: Geographies of Housing and Home
  10. Historical Geography of Jerusalem
  11. Issues in Israeli Democracy
  12. Democracy and Politics in Israel
  13. Memory, Narrative and Historiography- The 1948 War
  14. Issues in Educational Policy
  15. Changing Values in Israeli Culture and Society
  16. Dialogue and Recognition in Prolonged Ethno-national Conflicts: the Israeli-Palestinian Case
  17. The Creation of Space in Israel
  18. Spatial Aspects of National Planning: Jerusalem
  19. Israel: Politics and Society
  20. Multiple Voices in Israel Society
  21. Spatial Planning in Contested Spaces: The Case of Israel and Palestine
  22. Fertility, Reproduction and Identity in Israel: Sociological and Anthropological Readings

Avnei Pina Courses:

  1. Introduction to Israeli Law and to Human Rights
  2. Multiculturalism and the Israeli Society
  3. Human Rights and the Israeli Society
  4. Transitional Justice