Research Groups

PhD Student Seminar on Multiculturalism:

In cooperation with the Sternberg-Tamir Chair in Comparative Cultures held by Prof. Ronit Ricci, CSMD holds an annual seminar open to PhD (and some MA) students who are studying various aspects of multiculturalism. This interdisciplinary group of young academics hosts researchers who present work related to multiculturalism. Students are also invited to present their own work. In 2015-2016, the seminar was facilitated by Prof. Karayanni and Ms. Lea Shakdiel; in 2016-2017 is was managed by Prof. Barak Medina and in 2017-2018 by Dr. Rawia Abu Rabia.


Research Group on Cities, Diversity and Spatial Justice:

CSMD partnered with the Urban Clinic at HU to establish a group of 25 engaged scholars who research diversity and spatial justice. Their disciplines include urban planning, architecture and community as well as journalism, law, and finance. In line with our emphasis on applied practice, the group focused on ways to translate theory into practice with the goal of promoting diversity and spatial justice. Among other activities, in order to ensure that their research is accessible to the public, the group created a podcast series. The podcasts are in collaboration with Radio Jerusalem.


Research Group on Cities, Diversity and Spatial Justice             Research Group on Cities, Diversity and Spatial Justice                      



Bi-lingual/Bi-national Education (2016-2018):

A unique research group, and, as with others, aims to derive academic learning from interaction with the grassroots. CSMD invited a group of teachers from the bi-lingual/bi-national (Hebrew and Arabic) school in Jerusalem, Hand in Hand (Yad B’Yad) to embark on a two-year action research project. In cooperation with the School of Education, CSMD coordinated a group of educators who, through on-going conversations, examined their own practice and profession. Research topics have included joint teaching in a bi-lingual/bi-national classroom, social interaction between teachers and curriculum design for teaching Arabic to new students. To close out the project, the teachers presented their research at an event in HU. 


Research Group on Education, Migration and Minorities (2017-2018):

This group hosted scholars from various countries all studying policy and practice related to education and integration, socialization, learning, pedagogy, cultural competence and the role of parents. On June 14th, 2018, the group hosted a conference entitled Childhood in the Shadow of Statelessness at HU in cooperation with the Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo.