The Inaugural President Chaim Herzog Conference on The Role of Law in Diverse Societies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Center for the Study of Multiculturalism and Diversity was pleased to organize and carry out the international conference in memory of the late President Chaim Herzog.

We thank the President of the State, Mr. Yitzhak Herzog, and his wife Michal, for honoring us in their presence.

The conference featured groundbreaking research on Israel, India, Europe, and the United States, including lectures by academics from Israel, and special sessions with subject matter experts, including representatives from Herzog, Fox Neeman law firm, on hot issues relevant to Israeli society.

We invite you to visit our YouTube channel to watch videos from the conference and photos on our Google Drive.


First Session: Between Integration and Disintegration 

Second Session: Institutional Design and Social Outcomes

Third Session: Minorities, Protest and Dissent

Fourth Session: Academia-Practice Panel on Diversifying the Workforce

Fifth Session: Environment, Government, and Courts

Sixth Session: How to Get Diversity Right 



Academia-Practice Panel on an Evidence-Eased Approach to Reducing Gun Violence in Arab Society 



Prof. Noam Gidron- The Way We Were: How Histories of Co-Governance Alleviate Partisan Hostility



Prof. Elias Dinas- Do Native Gender Norms Affect the Acculturation of Immigrants?


Dr. Devorah Manekin- The Politics of Allyship: Multiethnic Coalitions and Mass Attitudes Towards Protest