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Diversity at the University


Encourage the employment of researchers by the university: gender and diversity

The Standing Committee of the Hebrew University approved the recommendations of the Gender and Diversity Committee. This Committee discussed encouraging the admission of female researchers to the academic staff of the Hebrew University. The committee proposed setting goals and ways of increasing the number of women and other groups that are under-represented in the academic staff of the Hebrew University.


Madrasa: An Interfaith Study Group

The Interfaith Study Group is designated for students and is active during the academic year. The students meet once a week (twenty sessions, 2.5 hrs. each). The group has two facilitators, one Jewish and one Christian or Muslim. It is a heterogeneous group of students: different religions and different level of religious observance, varied gender identities and sexual orientations. The sessions include learning in pairs, in small groups and all together, and they deal with basic human issues and questions of living in a shared society. Among the topics: The creation of human beings in God's image and the belief in God, the treatment of the Other, the tension between religious renewal and keeping the tradition, the place of women in the religion.


Spaces of Dialogue: Not on Facebook but Face to Face
(With the Unit for Social Involvement at the Student Dean's Office)

Students from diverse communities study at the university side by side, but the acquaintance of students from different backgrounds is not significant. The Spaces of Dialogue invite students from all the communities at the university – recent immigrants and old timers, religious, ultra-Orthodox and secular, Jewish and Palestinian, Muslim and Christian – for a round-table dialogue. Previously trained students from a variety of different backgrounds and academic disciplines will facilitate the discussions. Sessions will be held on Tuesdays between 18:15-20:00, during the second semester. 


Jewish-Arab Leading Forum in the Humanities
(With the Unit for Social Involvement at the Student Dean's Office)

A group of Jewish and Arab students in the Humanities meet every two weeks in order to promote a common Jewish-Arab space in which the  gap between the two different university learning experiences can be bridged, awareness of the challenges posed by a multicultural environment, and the creation of a bilingual academic discourse.

The group make recommendations to the faculty administration, and will work to create opportunities for encounter and closeness between the different societies, and to stimulate a joint, bilingual academic discourse.