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The Knesset Financial Transparency Committee discussed the lack of transparency in the state's budget items of Ethiopian Jews

February 2, 2017


In the last two years, there has been a series of government resolutions declaring the policy of optimal integration of Ethiopian Jews in Israeli society. Significant budgets were allocated in order to implement those resolutions. Where is the money now? This was precisely the question asked by MK Stav Shaffir in a meeting held recently by the Knesset Financial Transparency Committee. In the meeting, the various Ministries presented the budget regulations intended for the integration of Ethiopian Jews. This included programs by the Ministry of Public Security, the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Education. The discussion revealed that since the budget items are divided between the various agencies, Knesset Members have been unable to follow, control and supervise them in an optimal manner. Some of the organizations representing the community also claimed that the budgets designated for implementing the policy of integration actually achieve the opposite and only deepen segregation.

Written by Ofri Levin and Erez Ben Artzi, Ethiopian Jews Team